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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Topic: What have I Learnt from Blogging?

Meow...mew...mew...mew...Today is the final day of blogging before Zoe's departure and the official end of our classes blog project! Can cats cry? I think they can but others disagree, tears or no I am sad...

...I think that the very best thing that I have learnt from the blogs is how to respond appropriately to compliments and criticism. The open-ended disscussion forum of the blogs, I think, is different from the real world. Here, in cyberspace, one can take as long to say something as they want and are almost always heard. This means that people who normally don't say what they think of you or your work do. People you never talk to write to you, people you have never met comment on your blog. Initialy this was confronting, but the unfalmiliarity of this environment prompted me to adapt to it and I would like to say that I have. I may not be thriving but I am surviving, thanks to everyone who commented on Kitty Letter your comments are treasured along with what else lies in the litter.

Aside from resilience I have also learnt how to better support arguments and also to word veiws better, less blabbing and more stabbing! That is my motto for boring theatre performances and now also for debating. Delivering a point sharply and swiftly is better than it losing it's meaning amoungst a lot of big words. So I say toodle-ooo to waffle and hello to ice-cream.

Also blogging helped me to get in contact with other like-minded people far away which I think is really excellent.

Lastly, I think that maybe I have learnt a little more about the personality and veiws of my piers in 8S and also that interns arn't always stuck-up and nosy. I am unsure whether this litter will continue to serve as a place to deposit your and my opinions beyond this point.
What do you think?

As for my mark on the blog, I for once don't care, blogging is new to me and I learnt so much and had so much fun that I know for certain that this time I will walk away from a school project with something other than a mark and predictable comments...meow...

P.S. My paragraphing in this is scrambled as my ideas are as well!
P.P.S. I never got a MOTW award, I am disapointed to have not recived such a prestigious and outstanding award. Perhaps I will continue blogging just to achieve my life goal of being a monkey-cat! Also has Ben awarded Zoe a monkey of the week award? She deserves one!

Social Topic: Is it Important to Buy Brand Names?

Meow...Brand names, in reference to clothes, are just another aspect of fashion, like studs on a belt or back in the days of frocks and Anne of Green Gables puffed sleeves (you will only get that if you have read Anne of Green Gables!). My opinion when it comes to clothes is to wear what makes you happy. This may mean the clothes have to fit, look reasonable and are cheap or for some it may mean they should be popular and fashionable or even expensive. If pleasing your friends is what you want your next ensemble to do, so be it! It pleasing others is what makes you happy jump on the bandwagon and find contentment. If your not fussed suit yourself and find contentment. If you are a nudist then find contentment! My final opinion when it comes to the importance of buying brandnames on clothes is that it's importance is the importance it has to you, for whatever reason!

The only thing I would add to this is that some brand labels are known to use slave labour, such as Nike, in my opinion I would never buy a product I know to have used slave labour in it's production. But this is what makes me happy, if you don't care about the way the clothes were made then don't...meow...

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Social Topic: What's the Difference Between Talking to Your Friends Face to Face and Talking Via the Blogs?

Meow...The most obvious difference between talking face to face and via blogs is that you can't see who you're speaking to. But with the possibility of forty year old men masqurading as teenage girls I would rather investigate the differences between an honest blog relationship and an honest face to face one.

Not being able to see the person you are talking to means that you have to judge them by who they are not what they are or who they present themselves as. This means that you can't judge someone, by looks, before you get to know them on a blog (am I quoting Shrek?). This is certainly a good thing, also in a crowd I am usually drawn to talk to people who look different or who seem friendly and outgoing. However, on blogs this distinction is harder to make meaning that you might talk to people you usually wouldn't.

The above two points were ment to show blogging to be inferior to face to face conversation but reflecting on them they could be used for either side of a debate and probably better by a pro blog side. Well, it seems that I have just won myself over (is that possible?). So these are two differences or advantages to blogging however, the niggling fear of decietful persons and fabrications will always be at the back of a blogger's mind! Meow...

Social Topic: Are the Olympics Pointless?

Meow...The olympics are a world event that millions of people are involved in or watch. However, I am sure that an even greater number of people aren't involved or watch as they are unable to. Many people may not even know what the Olympics are. I support the idea of the Olympic games, friendly competition between the worlds nations in many different sports. This allows athletes to compete and shine, brings together people from around the globe and entertains millions. My disagreement is not with the Olympics but how they are run. I think that it is shockingly debauched the way that mind-bogglingly obscene figures of money are expended by countries on the Olympics. It is my belief that if all of the Olymic budgets were given to impoverished contries, posponing a single Olympic games, that so many lives could be saved. Some poorer countries may even be able to recover and later compete in the Olympics themselves, I think that anyone who truly believes in the Olympic spirit would agree with this. Lives or sport? Considering the amount of money we are speaking about I would think that this is an accurate question when it comes to the Olympic Games. So in conclusion the Olympics are in no way pointless but their point could be better expressed materialy...meow...

Considering How Much You Use Computers at Home, What Should You be Learning About in School?

Meow...The question, 'what should we be learning about with computers at school' scares me. The reason for this is that I know what most people would say that more of our class time should be dedicated to Infomation Technologies studies. I personally would disagree, we all know how to use a computer as a word processor from primary school. In Art or Visual Communication we learn how to use computers as art tools and in varying subjects we learn how to use the internet as a infomation resource. Persons who wish too then have further oppotunities, during later secondary school years, to further this knowledge beyond these basic skills which, I think, are the full complement of computer skills an average person needs. If I were to make one change however, to the way we are educated in infomation technology would be to assure that the ethics and boundaries of what can and can't, or more accurately what should or shouldn't be voiced/displayed on the internet. In Zoe's words learning to be a digital citizen. Many of our teachers say how great the internet is and that it will be a major part of our future and that knowing how to use t properly is very important. If this is the case I think that we should learn how to use the internet safely and how to be a conciencious digital citizen...meow...

Northern Lights Topic: What Similarities are there Between Daemons and Their Person and Armour and Their bears?

Meow...Bears and persons share a deep emoitional attachment to their armor and daemons respectively. We can see in Iorek comment to Lyra in chapter 11 of Northern Lights that bears consider their armor of equal importance as a daemon, "bear's armour is his soul, just as [a person's] daemon is [their] soul. You might as well take him [Pantalaimon] away ... and replace him with a doll full of sawdust". A daemon is an appropriation of your personality, bears see themselves as warriors so armor is a good representation of what is important to them. A final similarity is the distress and reaction bears and people have when a armor or daemon is lost...meow...

Social topic: Should There be Restrictions on the Media for the Personal Privacy of Celebrities?

Meow...Yes, I think that restrictions should be imposed on the media, limiting the extent that they are allowed to intrude into a celebrities life on a private level without permission. One of the reasons that I think this veiw to be correct is that a regulation such as this would not protect the celebrity alone. There are instances when the media interveiw members of a celebrity's family or one of their co-workers or friends. This is rarely attempted without consent however, in some cases persons who are not celebrities and do not wish to be treated as one are hounded by the press. These situations become most disgusting when children become the victims of the media, as in the case of Princess Diana.

Princess Diana came to be a princess by her marriage to Prince Charles of the English monarchy. They had two children together, William and Harry, before Diana discovered that Charles had been having an ongoing affair and promptly ended the marriage, taking the children. Although she had done nothing scandelous Diana was the focus of the English press as opposed to her divorced husband. Diana expected this but did not encourage the media, she refused intervews and attempted to remain as elusive as possible. However, the media's interest in Diana was unhprecedented and she continued to be hounded by the press. Eventauly her requests for her and her children to be left alone rose to demands but still; she was pursued. This ugliness came to a climax when Diana took her two baby sons on a secret holiday to escape the media. To her resentment her family were still followed and some very disturbing photographs were taken. The family were ambushed while picnicing, Diana holds her younger son to her chest, trying to protect him, her other son can be seen hiding behind her and crying as was his mother, the entire family were distrought.

This is a shocking example of when the media did go to far and worse than harming a celebrity, innocent children suffered. Frankly behaviour such as that I consider inhumane. So in conclusion I think that regulations should be imposed to protect celebrities and those around them from unwanted media attention...meow...

Friday, August 27, 2004

All Hail Cow Nose

...please do not be disgruntled by the title, I am not swearing but using the name of Kitty Letter's new mascot, Cow Nose the Barbarian! As many of you are well aware I do have a strong affection for our feline friends and I have several scrapbooks cat pictures. One cat, of whom I am lucky enough to own several photos, is the honorable Cow Nose the Barbarian. Cow Nose the Barbarian is the cat's name and she lives up to it, weighing a total of fifty-pounds! Cow Nose is, as a matter of fact, a forigen celebrity originating from America, where else could you find a fifty pound cat?

Cow Nose is to be my blog's new mascot, you will (hopefully) see images of her scattered around, trut me when I say that I have plenty. You are warned however, not to ire Cow Nose lest she unleash her barbarous rage apon you, she has been known to eat twenty apple pies in less than ten minutes. The reason that I have selected Cow Nose as my mascot, aside from the novelty of a fifty pound cat with a very amusing name, is that considering her abnormal weight Cow Nose may not live very much longer. Her owners in New York say that,

' "She has lived a happy and full life" '.
I'm not sure exactly what they mean by full...meow...

P.S. A speacial thanks to Ben for his late-night help without which none of this would be possible. I recommend that you visit his blog, it is the blog that I visit most frequently. It is as cool as he is, which is very cool.
P.P.S. Please feel free to use the hyperlink below to see a picture of my loveable and cuddly (if you can fit your arms around her) mascot.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

This Kitten Calls It's Litter Kitopia But Next Doors's Cat Calls It Kitty-Land

...recently I, like many Australians, have been watching the Olympics and it got me thinking about something. I wish I would have had this inkling a week or two ago when we were disscussing Olympic topics, although it isn't entirely relateded so I will disscuss it on my blog instead.

Has anyone ever wondered why there isn't one universal world map? You see, if you're in China there are Chinese maps of the world and in France there would be French maps of the world. This is obviously so that the map is written in your language so that you can understand it but one thing that puzzles me is how the countries are named. For instance here in Australia we call China, China however, a Chinese person would refer to China as Zhonguo. The Italians call Italy Italia, Spainards call Spain Espana, Danes call Denmark Danmark, Swiss call Switzerland Schweiz and so on. It seems arrogant to me that we call a country something other than what the people indigionous to that country call it. As well as all of the above examples each of hose countries would then have a Chinese name, for instance Cananda is Jianada, New Zealand is Xie Xie Land and Australia is Audaliya. This applies to about every single country in the world, every single country has a name for every other country, why?

I asked my parents this and they replied that the reason was that the new name for a country is just a translation of that countries real name, otherwise we would be speaking other languages. I considered their point, they would say that China is English for Zhonguo. Eventauly I resolved that I don't see why we shouldn't speak someone else's language when naming their homeland. Mother and Father though that this was quite silly but I was determined to find a point to prove that it is arrogant to re-name someones country to make it easier for you to say.

This is what I came up with, we call spaghetti, spaghetti as it is an Italian creation so we refer to it by it's Italian name. So then why not refer to Italy by it's Italian name, Italia? I see no reason not to and many reasons to do so.

Some may say, as do my parents, that this is all very well and good but even if I have proven my point what would be the benefit of a huge upheaval replacing all existing world maps with ones that use the names of countries used by the indigionous population of that country? My answer, so far, would be that this way not only are we respecting the aborigionals of that particular land and also communicating geographical knowledge would be simpler if everyone knew a particular country by the same name.

I have been thinking on this topic for quite some time and one difficulty did arise in naming the countries, that is who names them. For example will Australia be called Australia or should the Aborigionals be able to name it, should Iraq (or Iran I can't remember which) be renamed Persia as it ws in ancient times? Who knows?

In conclusion frankly I am not entirely decided on this topic save to say that I think that having so many different names for the same country is arrogant and confusing. Please, what do you think? However, before you comment let me remind you that I am not saying that a single language should be adopted by all the people of the world just that contries should be treated like unique creations of a people when it comes to naming, they are referred to as the same thing by all peoples.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Unusualy Repulsive Cat Startled by Gesture of Affection

...thankyou to everyone who posted comments on my singular article whether to complement it or constructively critisize it please know that your comments are exeedingly appreciated! As for the debate of whether the now twenty-six comments I recieved is exceptional or not I would like to point out two things.

Firstly, one of the several reasons I have neglected to post for quite a period, something that I regret, is that I have been quite absorbded in Tom's blog posts. They are absolutly astounding! Now I am being a 'suckerupera' but frankly Tom I think that you have set an incredibly high standard for your peirs which, I have certainly not met as of yet and probably never will. While your remarks are focussed and well formulated your pleasent jokes and humourous reiterations are more than enough to keep anyone entertained! Unlike my blog which so far, I think, is wordy and relatively quite a cofuffle.

Secondly, more than half of the comments that I recieved for that one opening post have either been removed by the administrator or are comments that the persons debating sent to eachother about the comments. So in actual fact that brings my previous posts legitimate comments up to about twelve. Since it has been the only article to comment on for well over a week, frankly, I am in no way surprised at the number.

Aside from that there is another issue that I would like to disscuss, one that I initially felt should be kept private but on reconsidering the point I would like to share after all. As I mentioned in my previous post I was quite unsure about starting a blog, the entire concept of being a digital citizen is an alien concept to a 'technophobe' such as myself. Eventauly I became comfortable with the idea of blogging in my mind, or rather the concept of writing to everyone and listening to anyone who uses a blog. The one part of being a digital citizen that I did not prepare myself for mentally was being spoken to by anyone.

To be honest, I am very nervous about sharing my work with others. I am sure that some of you are already aware that I don't particulary enjoy sharing grades or written pieces. I was taken aback by the comments that I recieved on my last post, it is not as though I was shocked or offended by the critisism I received, on the contrary I was pleased to recieve it. However, I was still hesistant for some reason which, I do find difficult to put into words, for once! I was startled by getting the comments, even the compliments. This is only one persons fault and theirs alone, mine. Mayhap I am a technophobe after all?

In conclusion I hope that all readers will be pleased to hear that I now am ready to continue as a full time blogger! That is at least until I am shocked by something again, most likely to be something as trivial as changing font colours! If there is one thing that I have learnt from this experience it is the importance of resilience (thankyou Zoe!). So now I proudly proclaim not the timid '...mew...' of a kitten blog but the proud 'MEOW!' of a maturing cat blog...meow...

P.S. Sorrry Zoe I am unsure of how to use an accent on the 'e' in your name, please forgive me. Also this article does contain some personal jokes, nothing rude, but things you may only understand if you've read the comments on my last post or if your Jesse, Gabriel, Kate, Chloe, Lachlan, Meg or the wonderful Zoe Rose.

P.P.S. Who is the administrator? Is it Zoe?

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

New Cats for the Pack

...congratulations to all of the girls who passed McGrob entrance exam! It is an outstanding achievement, I'm sure that you will all go on to happy and interesting futures! However, with your impending departures and also that of Lachlan and Dylan our class will become sizebly smaller. According to Ben's reckoning the class will be leftt witha girl boy ratio of approxiamately 2:1 with 11 boys and a meagre 6 girls. Addmitedly this gender imbalance is not as extreme as 9S's but still I think that this string of departures will dramatically alter the dynamics of our class.

'So, who will fill this hole?' Is what I have been asking myself, have others been asking the same? Well not only have I asked myself I also asked Ms. Tellesfon and found some interesting infomation which, I would like to share with you. Persons are allowed to take the examination to enter the SEALP program again in the fourth term of year eight. BSC's priority for the entrents will for them to be female, they will accept a girl into our class over boys. So hopefully we can look forward to new pupils in our class. Of course this is dependent on persons attempting to enter the class.

Another subject that I have heard class members discussing is the closure of Moreland Secondary School. I feel that there has been much speculation on this topic and that perhaps some have drawn false conclusions. Hopefully I can shed some light on the situation; firstly there are very few pupils remaining at Moreland maybe 50, secondly these 50 will be divided amoung seven schools one of which is brunswick. So if my Maths isn't too bad I'd say that there is no way we'd get more than 20 students mathematically only about 6. Also this 50 represents all of the students from years 7-12 so of the students that do come to Brunswickonly a fraction of them will be in year 8 so in truth I doubt that the arriving Moreland students will have as a dramatic affect on the school as a whole as some have said. Also, I have been told thatthe Moreland students will be treated equally to the pre-existing Brunswick students. Mr. Sgroi has said tha deviants will be promptly expelled.

This infomation may seem redunant after Mr. Sgroi having spoken to the class. However, I was not there so I'm not sure what he said. Hopefully there will be somefomation here that someone will find to be useful,maybe smeone who wasn't there to hear Mr. Sgroi's speech either.

Finally Mr. Tellesfon asks that people don't spread rumors on this subject as it may result in pupils leaving our school, thinking that BSC will change...meow...

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Kitty Letter

...humble welcomings to my brand new blog, 'tis but a hairless (and uncommented) newborn kitten in a cyberspace wonderland. Initially I was uncertain whether a blog was something I should regard to be delightful as catnip or unpleasant as a bath. After several days of considerate, careful contemplation and disscussion I eventauly reached a conclusion. Blogs like newspapers, television programs, books or even paintings are a medium. Like all of these media blogs are entirely malleable, they can be used or abused.

However, there is one aspect of blogging that already I have adknowledeged to be exeptional. Blogs, being an open forum on the internet, are open to the global public! Bloggers, no matter their poisition in the world are all given an equal, undiscriminated voice which, can be heard by the entire world. Bloggers can express themselves unchecked by art critics, editors, publishers, or producers as is likely in other medias.

So whether the posts and comments I am to make, on this and other blogs, are insightful and interesting, or fit for nothing more than kitty letter I know that people will be listening and hopefully understanding...meow...